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Hi my name is Ahuva Kerzner.
My husband teaches Jewish Law to students all over the world, and about two years ago we were looking for a way to easily share his classes. We connected with Eli Rosen, who helped us hone our visions and create a spectacular website, halachashiur.com.
Although we had no experience in web design, Eli was able to understand all of our ideas and bring them to fruition. He was patient and exact, never settling for anything less than perfect. Many times, he worked overtime to perfect small details, even details that we would not have noticed ourselves!
Eli created a website for us that balanced quality with aesthetics, a website that was easy to use and easy for us to manage! It had all the features that we had asked for, plus many of his own innovations. He also taught us how to use it and manage it on our own, and although we have very limited web experience, he had set up the management of the site in such a clear way, that managing it is a breeze!
Eli was always available to take care of any last-minute issues or glitches, even years after the website was launched. His customer service is excellent.
We would definitely recommend Eli and Digikor Media.

halacha web desgin portfolio 
halacha web desgin portfolio 

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HalachaShiur.com provides you with an extensive audio library of Shiurim, covering a multitude of Halachic topics. Each Shiur presents a clear and thorough analysis of the Halachic issue at hand, covering the primary underpinnings of each Sugya. The Shiurim range from 10 to 25 minutes in length, in order to provide our listeners with the ability to attain a comprehensive understanding of each Sugya in as timely a manner as possible.

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